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MHR 164 Carla Morena Diabled Mom, son and sisterMHR 164 Claras Kitchen Rosalind serving seniorsMHR 164 Denise from Riverside speaksMHR 164 Details of limitsMHR 164 Diane Tapis speak (intro by Katia(MHR 164 Group Anderson Denise etcMHR 164 Joel Anderson about AB626MHR 164 Karen Katia Roya with signsMHR 164 Karen Katie Roya being interviewedMHR 164 Karen Katie ROya widerMHR 164 Karen speaks all organizations that support AB626MHR 164 Katia bangs panMHR 164 Mehko SignageMHR 164 move onto Love CookingMHR 164 Patti from Olivewood food is identityMHR 164 postersMHR 164 Roya kicks off speakers at RallyMHR 164 Roya with groups signsMHR 164 Royas Dad with SignMHR 164 SD Rally Karen & Roya